KPMG - 31.10.17 - Birmingham


We are in for a treat today, as the groups are dressed in Pumpkin hats, spider legs, cat faces and devil tails. A Halloween bonanza.  The devils don’t want to give away any of their tricks and tactics as they huddle together on our starting point for Operation 24.


The Pumpkins are first to secure their footing on the scoreboard.  They have travelled straight from the office to answer the Silent Hill Bridge Crossing challenge.  They then head over to take the Halloween Sudoku, disappointing the Cats who call a second too late.  Meanwhile the Devils get the Cinema challenge and scoop up the Passport forgery, stating they have “learned creativity form the Cats”. As we end round 1 it is neck and neck between the Devils and Pumpkins.

The Cats move out to Sector 8, but only get two thirds of the answer, they are confident they have it for when their lockout expires.  The devils continue their winning streak by swiping Sector 3 and the Spiders make their first appearance on the leader board with Sector 20, the Witch Flight Destination Challenge.  The Cats get Sector 8 on the second try while the Devils stunt their winning streak, getting locked out for guessing the Halloween film Dingbat as “Counting Sheep”.  That doesn’t sound like an exciting Halloween Blockbuster to me.

At the end of Round 2 the Pumpkins throw an assortment of monster forgeries and win with sheer bulk.  Snapchat videos of fluorescent bats chasing the team, scary masks and colourful monster drawings.

The Spiders get the Hidden Countries challenge. They are so happy to take a sector you would think they were winning, unfortunately this is not the case! All teams rapidly submit codes for Sector 11, trying to stop Frankenstein. It is the Devils whom succeed after 7 attempts. It’s a close game between the top contenders, Pumpkins and Devils, but in the end the Pumpkins take the final slice of the map and inch ahead to victory!


Orange Pumpkins: 35%; Red Devils: 33%; Green Spiders: 20%; Blue Cats: 7%



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