Sainsbury's - 3.11.17 - Birmingham


Today’s Operation 36 is 2 hours long, and the Purple team state they are drawing on the spirit of Anneka Rice to take over the City.  They discuss tactics such as “We need to get to the Sudoku before someone swipes it” and “have you seen The Hunted”.  Unfortunately neither The Hunted or Anneka Rice helps them, as the Blues make it onto the map first with Sector 4.  The Pinks tactics are a little more devilish as they attempt to make off with the Greens Forgery papers, but the Greens Team don’t let that bring them down.  They get their papers back before heading to take Sector 13.  The Purples had the same idea but get there just too late, an Oscar winning “noooo” is let off down the phone.

The Pinks take the high earning Sector 17 to come out on top at the end of round 1 as we meet at Victoria Square.  The Greens have an art degree in their team credentials but aren’t too confident, they don’t think their forgery represents this accolade.  The Yellows have exceptional detail in their forgery and so take this Sector under their belt.

The second and final Round of today’s Operation 36 is evenly matched. The Yellows and Oranges take pot-shots at the Battleships Challenge but the Reds secure it on one attempt.   Team Orange, determined to increase their ranking, get the Train Time Challenge, while the Purples maintain their unlucky streak, calling again for previously claimed sectors.

The Purples do eventually, and gleefully, win Sector 9, at last finding their way onto the board.  It is not their only appearance either as they shortly get the Letters to Numbers challenge, a difficult puzzle to claim.  As we converge back at All Bar One, It is the Pinks who are victorious!



Pink Team: 16%; Yellow Team: 13%; Blue Team: 13%; Red Team: 13%; Purple Team: 12%; Orange Team: 11%; Green Team: 11%


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