21/1/18 - London


Today’s Opertion24 probably has the best personalised team names Espionage Missions has ever seen.  We will just have to see if the teams themselves can remember them as  Team Dr No-it-all have no idea who they are.

Reverse Ygolohcysp are the first to claim a Sector.  They text through for the River Crossing Challenge.  Probably a good thing to go for text sectors as they can’t pronounce their name!  Alie(n) are second to make a mark on the map, attaining sector 5.  ‘Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique’ (now to be named FPPEHT), call straight after, straddling the boundary of Sector 5 and 6.  They may no longer be able to obtain Sector 5 but they take Sector 6 instead.  These teams are fast!  Fastest of them all is FPPEHT who go on to take Sector 4.  Dr No-it-all get there just too late, "sh&t!"

Reverse Ygolohcysp perform a similar feat.  Swiping Sector 15 in the far reaches of the map just before The Pomaroos get there.  Still on 0% the Pomaroos are devastated.  All passports are collected in at rendezvous 1.  FPPEHTs forgery is incredibly detailed., but, the surname used is incorrect.  “Esp-Pew-Pew-Nage” have a fantastic front cover, but the issue and expiry dates are questionable.  It goes to Dr No-it-all.

Special mention needs to be made of the Pomaroos in round 2.  They get many puzzles right, but just not at the right time.  They are pipped to every post.  Meanwhile Esp-Pew-Pew-Nage collect Intel Pack 2 late.  With this groups speed, the delay has been costly.  Alie(N) are already sailing away with a huge chunk of the map at 21%   At the end of round 2, some fantastic currency forgeries are handed in.  All notes are double sided, but Esp-pew-pew-nage effort is printed!  They get their first sector!

Teams are fast out the door once intel Pack 3 is provided, with many teams believing they have the Secret Rendezvous information.  We will have to see.  Pomaroos are first to call this round, correctly deciphering the Morse code for their first appearance on the board.  The Relief can be felt down the phone, and this first step spurs them on to take two more sectors before the end of the round!  They even make an appearance at the secret rendezvous, along with FPPEHT and Esp-pew-pew-nage.  Reverse Ygolohcysp also sneak in before a tie break for this sector can be sent, but unfortunately do not have the correct information needed at this secret rendezvous!  Esp-pew-pew-nage take the tie break.  In the end though no one can overtake Alie(N) who are victorious today.


Alie(N) 31%, Dr No-it-all 18%, Five Point Exploding Heart Technique 17%, Esp-Pew-Pew-Nage, 15%, Pomaroos 10%, Reverse Ygolohcysp 9%.



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