Tesco - 16.11.17 - Leeds


Today’s mission starts outside the map, at the Clayton hotel.  However, it’s a speedy start, as the Green and Yellow Team fly around the map with impressive velocity.  The Greens get both Sector 12 and Sector 20, an impressive feat with the distance covered.  The Yellows head all the way to the Northern most tip to claim Sector 3.   The Purples are the only team not on the leader board at the end of round 1, stating they spent too much time deliberating amongst themselves.  They are first at the rendezvous though and so get an early look at pack 2.


The Blues are last at the rendezvous but have made a photorealistic inner passport for the Forgery Challenge and so take this with ease.  The Reds are the ones to drop behind in round 2, as the Purple team devise new tactics, “stop deliberating as much!”  They get the Night Time Bridge Crossing to get them right back in the middle of the pack.  The Reds text in as the last word in round 2 with a correct answer to the River Crossing but unfortunately the Yellows have taken it seconds before.

The Reds pull up to the second rendezvous in a car, sprinting to take the next pack before heading out once more. But, this effort proves unfruitful as Round 3 sees the Greens get the high scoring Secret Rendezvous to be the most successful this round.  All teams show a marked increase in their game, but Blues and Yellows are still out in front.  It all comes down to the Peruvian Challenge.  The Yellows almost cinch it with a double photo, but the blues single post is good enough to beat them both combined.

Blue Team: 33%, Yellow Team: 28%, Green Team: 16%, Purple Team: 12%, Red Team: 11%

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