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Our London team building events are fun spy themed games, incorporating modern technology.


Set in and around the City of London, your group will be spilt into team as you battle for territory by completing exciting challenges.


You will be tracked with GPS as your teams compete for iconic London sectors in your area of choice.


Tried and tested team building and social activity with 5 reviews across the board.


Covent Garden Team Building, Canary Wharf Team Building, South Bank Team Building.

Groups in London


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The missions are ideal for companies based in the London area looking for team building events. We can even start and finish in you office.


We will hold your London team building event at one of our suggested locations, or a new location of your choice at no extra cost.


Knowledge of London is not required (though may prove a tactical advantage!) as teams are given access to our special mapping system and score board.


Our team building events are also a great option for groups meeting in the area who wish to explore London.


To book your London team building event

Forgery Task

Agent Rendezvous

Intel Sectors

Radio Transmission

Bonus Sector

A wide range of challenges means there is something for everyone. Intercepting and decoding enemy messages, forging official documents and planning secret agent rendezvous, are just some of the unique and exciting tasks that await you!

Bonus Sector

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Espionage team building events can also be completed in the following locations: - Team building in Oxford, Team building in Cambridge, Team building in Essex, Team building in Brighton, Team building Reading and many other areas in England, Scotland and Wales.


See the locations section for more details


Events are played around London city centre, therefore are perfect for London based companies which require the event to start and end at your office, Team building London is also perfect for team who are visiting for the day or weekend.



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