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Our mission, should you choose to accept it, is to provide your group with some competitive outdoor fun...

Experience exciting challenges, cool gadgets and covert missions. In our fast paced, hi-tech events  available across the UK.


All of the action is tracked by HQ so the teams can follow their progress, using our special mapping scoreboard.


Strong teamwork and tactics are essential in order to win the challenge.


Tried and tested team building and social activity with 5 reviews

1. Teams get GPS handsets and intel packs containing challenges

4. Adapt to changes in your mission, and alter your strategy throughout.

2. Work out the solution, travel to the sector and call through the correct code

5. The team with the highest score wins

3. Our operator awards the sector to the first team to call in

6. Celebrate a hard-fought victory!



Intel Sectors

The first team to crack the password or code wins the Sector. Be warned - teams must call in the answer to our operator from within the sector boundaries to claim the territory.



These challenges are won by the team completing the task in the shortest time from start to finish. Good orientation and quick reactions are required to successfully complete the assignment.


Forgery Task

Ensure you have your most resourceful and creative people on this task, then have the forgery ready at the designated rendezvous point for inspection.


Agent Rendezvous

5 locations, 5 scheduled times, 5 pieces of intel. Teams must deduce where the agent is at , when they will appear,  and what information are they looking for.


Radio Transmission

A morse-code broadcast are made from secret locations. Reveal the location, listen in, and decode the transmission.


Bonus Sector

These are awarded at the leading team at various scheduled rendezvous.

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