How long does it last?


We typically suggest a run time of around three hours. However, missions can be tailored to to any length of time to start and finish when and where you want.


What happens if it rains during an outdoor mission?


Although Operation 24 is largely based outdoors we always make contingency plans that mean we can bring the event indoors at your discretion. However, Espionage Missions are best enjoyed by exploring the urban landscapes in which they are set, so remember to dress for all weathers. Alternatively try our new indoor event!


Can we stop for lunch or drinks?


If you wish to stop at any specific locations for a bite to eat or drinks, just let us know so we can account for this in your mission schedule.


How fit do I have to be?


if you are accustomed to wandering around the shops for several hours, or running a couple of blocks, you will be be fine. Also, you can always elect the fitter members of your team to do more of the running, or catch your breath between challenges.


How hard are the challenges?


Our intel challenges can be rather taxing. However, they are varied enough to always appeal to someone on your team.


How physical are the challenges?


None of the challenges are of a physical nature, but are sometimes quite mentally taxing. The tasks are graded from easy to very difficult, with the centre ground being tasks such as solving sudoku codes and deciphering audio Morse code messages.


Is there an age limit?


The game is suitable for ages 16 upwards. We ask schools and colleges to bring a supervising adult along to monitor each team of students, whilst to participate.


Can we choose the timings of our event?


Yes, we are flexible on timings, to suit your schedule. We can start as early as 8am, and we have been known to run events up until 10pm in the summer months.


Is the activity the same as an Escape Room?


We are an outdoor alternative to an Escape Room. The logic and strategy required in breaking out of an Escape Room, is also prevalent in our Mission challenges. An Escape Room experience usually lasts for around 1 hour, whereas our half day Missions run for around 3hrs.


What happens if we choose to cancel our booking?


We ask for a deposit payment of £100* on most bookings. This is a non-refundable payment to secure the date for your group. *for groups of +50 people, we ask for deposit of 30% of total fee.


Do we need to use public transport during the activity?


The use of public transport is not required during the Mission, as for most of our locations the activity is central to the city-centre.


Do other members of the public take part in the event with us?


The event is exclusively for your group, which is why when you book, you are able to choose the timings to suit you.


Do we need to bring anything along on the day?


Comfortable footwear is the key component. We also advise to check the weather report the day before, just in case the odd rain shower is predicted. We provide each team with pens and paper, so this is not required of yourselves.


Do you provide lunches?


We run the Missions across the whole UK, but we don’t have a HQ in the locations that we operate. Therefore, we do not offer meal options during the events. However, if you are wanting to book a table at your favourite restaurant or café, then we can meet your group there to run through the Mission briefing.


How do you split up our group into teams?


The quick answer to this is that we don’t. We instead allow you to do this, as you will have a far better idea of which personalities are going to work best together. We always advise not to put all of the most competitive people in the same together, as this has been known to unbalance an event.


Mission Overview PDF


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