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Escape Room Brighton

We know that you will love the excitement of the puzzles in our 5 rated Brighton escape room, Operation Doomsday.


Do you have a team or group that is too large to participate in other Brighton escape rooms? Then Operation Doomsday is the perfect choice. The escape room that can accommodate  groups of 9 - 30 players.


Enjoy dynamic, tense and original challenges such as; lock picking, safe cracking, shooting ranges and finger print identification.


Our escape rooms are available in numerous locations around the City of Brighton.

Your Mission: Operation Doomsday


The year is 2025, and political tensions have reached an all-time high. Global powers of the west have united in their attempts to halt the North Koreans nuclear arms development. However, diplomatic attempts are failing and we are on the eve of global destruction.


You will be representing different western powers and competing against each other to protect your territories from destruction, using the skills and techniques associated with elite spy organisations.

Stage 1

Stage 3

Stage 2

  • Teams compete directly against each other, in one room enjoying the experience together.


  • Unique physical props, logic puzzles and games of skill. Something for everyone!


  • Experience our escape rooms anywhere in the UK. Even your office or a specified function room.


  • Our team will arrive early to set everything up, guide you through the experience and clear everything down.

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Brighton Escape Rooms Unlike Any Other!

Book now and leave the rest to us!

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