Scott Marian’s Ben Hope Escape Room

Your Mission: House of War


You and your elite team are in a race against time to save the world from a deadly terror plot.


Do you have what it takes to be the next Ben Hope as your skills, techniques and wits are put to the test against the new global threat put forward by notorious terrorist Nazim al-Kassar.


Stage 1

Stage 3

Stage 2

Up to 30 players in one room (minimum of 9)


2.5 hours to escape (flexible on request)

Can You Save the World from Destruction?

Played anywhere in the UK, even in your office or function room!


Learn the skills of a secret agent and escape the apocalypse

In collaboration with HarperCollins and Tesco we have created the first and only Ben Hope themed escape room. To celebrate the release of Scott Mariani's latest book House of War, we are giving away 10 Escape Rooms.

  • Teams compete directly against each other, in one room enjoying the experience together.


  • Unique physical props, logic puzzles and games of skill. Something for everyone!


  • Experience our escape rooms anywhere in the UK. Even your office or a specified function room.


  • Our team will arrive early to set everything up, guide you through the experience and clear everything down.

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Escape Rooms Unlike Any Other!

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